New Jotup features: Calendar Views, Title field commands block

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Calendar views

There is now a visual calendar display system.

It shows Tasks and Events (these are distinguished from each other by colour - Tasks are green and Events organge-ish as per their icons).

  • Your personal Calendar is accessed by the Calendar tab at the main (top) menu. This shows all your stuff with a date, e.g. tasks with deadlines, Events, etc.

  • Within each notebook, there's also a Calendar tab and that's for everything in that Group. Very handy for visualising what's happenning and when.
  • There's also an Upcoming block in the Notebook sidebar which shows Events and Tasks that are coming due soon:


\\\ title commands block

Notebook sidebar now has a \\\ commands block that explains how to use the \\\ shortcut system to achieve many beautiful things and save lots of time.

There is also a much more detailed page with more explanations that the block links to.

The \\\ commands came about as mostly a timesaving measure due to the present lack of split-pane view, however they will be retained for power users even after it is introduced.

Other minor improvements:

  • Fixed bug in Task system where the wrong user could be sometimes indicated in title
  • 'System load' block modified so it only shows when the load is abnormal
  • Removed 'My' from top user menu