Your knowledge ecosystem

There's more data and information than ever, being created faster than ever.

Individual tools and sources don't work cohesively together, so knowledge work is inefficient.

Jotup unites all your knowledge work in one connected, efficient workspace

Notes Platform

All your information is organised in notebooks, which can be as collaborative or as private as you wish. It is laid out very visually, in hierarchies or (down the line) other relational orders. The system supports multiple types of content, the majority of which have a tool or some kind of interactive action associated with them (for example. “Web Page” below generates a full summary of the page).


Your Jotup experience is modular & supports limitless customisation with numerous tools. From performance-enhancing AI-powered summarisers to integration with other platforms you love, we’ve got the entire knowledge-creating experience covered.

For more info on Jotbot, our stand-alone chatbot that runs on other popular collaborative platforms, click here.

News, Research & Data

Jotup is able to act as a knowledge mediator between you and highest-quality sources in your field, be it news, research, or regulatory and corporate information of all kinds.

Simply create a newsfeed within your notes, tell it your interests, and it will continuously scan for latest information relevant to your work.

You can have multiple newsfeeds in each notebook, and view the news results within the individual newsfeed, or on an aggregated basis for every notebook and notebook collection.

Be more productive & improve your workflow