What's New

⚡Abstractive summariser for Web Summs, Lead and Document content types

Thursday, July 20, 2023


Jotup's text summarisation backend is now abstractive, summarising originals in its own words, as opposed to the previous method of extracting the most relevant sentences from the original and displaying them unchanged as a bullet point list. The T5-based abstractive text summarizer works for Web Summ and Organisation content types, with News content type to follow.

For longer texts, the summaries also incorporate the semantic structure of the original document.

The upgraded summariser also picks up images and other media from the original content and inserts them into summaries where appropriate.

By providing more informative and accessible summaries, the new summariser advances our goal of making knowledge work more efficient and effortless.

Major Winter/Spring update

Thursday, May 12, 2022

⚡ AI

  • Entire new Organisations taxonomy and associated blocks/pages
  • Improvements to the Location tagging system - now it works on all news items and augments the locations supplied by news provider
  • Metadata extractor for  Lead / Contact content types

🔎 Search & discovery

  • Completely overhauled the existing news suggestion algorithms, improving their accuracy
  • Fast and accurate autocomplete functionality for all Jotup tag fields
  • 'Search & Explore' page added with following tabs:
    • 'News & Research' - explore the ~2m publically-available news items, including almost all English-language corporate news, as well as regulatory information etc. This mirrors the Newsfeed content type, except that it is designed for immediate news lookup. It's possible to instantly save any search as a Newsfeed in any Notebook through the 'Save as Newsfeed' block.
    • 'Tags' - find & explore 2m+ content tags and associated public content summarised by Jotup
    • 'My Stuff' - search through content from the notebooks that you're a member of

📣 News

  • Individual news items are now save-able as editable News Copy content type, from either the news item view or from within the Newsfeed
  • Various improvements to the 'Activity & News' page
  • Newsfeeds:
    • More intuitive UI
    • New 'Tag suggester' block to help the user find the most accurate tags/tag combinations for a given subject
    • Added 'Related tags' block, which shows related tags for further exploration
    • 📰 News items can now be saved / starred (as well as deleted/un-starred) directly within the Newsfeed.
    • It is now possible to control whether to monitor own  News Sources

📑 Outline Designer

  • Improved stability
  • More intuitive menu function
  • Improved drag logic
  • Tasks show status directly in outline
  • Topics are now shown in bold to increase outline legibility/clarity

🖥️ UI

  • Fonts now more legible
  • Various minor improvements
  • Metasummary views for Notebooks, Leads and  Newsfeeds
  • 'Frequency' blocks for 📰 News and Organisations pages, displaying time trends (as bar charts) for summarised content

Organisations taxonomy

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Jotup now automatically detects any organisations featured within News content. These are then added as special Organisations tags within summaries:

Jotup detects of commercial, governmental, non-profit and other entities, as well as certain stand-alone projects, e.g. scientific collaborations.

Each organisation features an overview page with:

  • organisation description and metadata
  • tags associated with the organisation
  • content featuring the organisation
  • other related/similar organisations

Depending on organisation type and user choices, additional premium information from 3rd party providers can also be shown:

  • Company details
  • Live stock information and quotes
  • Financials, e.g. profit/loss and major ratios

This display is automatically extendable. Jotup can show additional data/information depending on user requirements; for example, ownership or credit ratings.

Organisations can be discovered via links within content e.g. Leads or News items, through 'Related Organisations' blocks, or by searching for them within Organisations tab in the 'Search & Explore' page.

The data featured in the overview can be saved in several ways:

  • as a Lead, adding it to Notebook directly via a 'Save as Lead' block
  • through the 'Raw data' block, as a CSV format file, supported by majority of business software (e.g. Excel). Jotup will always have the latest copy of this data
  • additionally one can save individual news items


Better performance, notifications and table/Pipeline views

Wednesday, October 13, 2021


System performance has been improved despite growing traffic load thanks to a combination of increased anti-bot protection and hardware tuning.

Better update notifications

Repositioning a node within the Outline will now be mark it as updated, and therefore generate update messages. Within table views, e.g. Pipeline, moved nodes will rise towards the top (e.g. when a Lead is moved to a different pipeline stage folder).

Pipeline / CRM

The Pipeline view has been improved:

  • Added 2nd 'parent' column - now you can have several sets of Leads with the same kind of pipeline structure.
  • Added more sort options
  • Added filtering for parent columns
  • Parent columns only appear when necessary

⚡ JotAI Tagger Performance Assessment

Monday, September 6, 2021

We've carried out a comprehensive quality assessment of our content tagging system.

Both usability and accuracy was assessed relative to the leading 3rd party system (Refinitiv® Intelligent Tagging) in a test with a random sample of 200 news & press release articles tagged with both the Refinitiv® and JotAI systems. We did not

Accuracy was defined as presence of tag(s) best describing main article subject.

Both systems have produced a comparable number of usable results.

Refinitiv's tags tended to be more specific and fewer, whereas JotAI's tend to be broader and more in number, e.g. 'COVID-19 in the United Kingdom' versus 'COVID-19, United Kingdom'. JotAI produced more false positives, but these tended to be very obscure subjects that would be unlikely to ever be searched for, so their overall impact was negligible.

Overall, the results have exceeded our expectations. Our next goal is an even more accurate iteration that would cover more industry-specific domains and reduce the number of false positives.

⚡ Content tagger switchover

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Jotup, including the news summarisation/discovery system and Jotbot, has been completely switched over to our own tagging system following extensive testing.

The new system not only provides better quality tags, but is also demonstrably more reliable, having suffered 0 news processing-halting errors over the past 14 days, as opposed to 1 every 2 days with the previous system.

Tagging errors/false positives have been drastically reduced to almost 0; there are now several systems, including domain-specific tagging modules, cross-checking the tagger output to ensure quality.

❗⚡ Content tagger

Monday, August 2, 2021

We're proud to announce the completion of a 2-year long development of the final stage of the Jotup summarisation system: a high-accuracy universal text content tagger, and its associated AI backend.

This replaces the previous, 3-rd party provided, tagging system; however it retains an identical tag dictionary, enabling a seamless transition. At long last, the entirety of the Jotup summarisation system is in-house. One outcome of this is that we're no longer limited to how much content we're able to summarise per day/week (and our costs of doing so are drastically reduced).

Based on both machine and crowd learning, the system is aware of approximately 35 million different concepts and entities, and is able to reliably, and within seconds, tag any text-based content with any relevant concepts.

The tagger is able to:

  • Identify both specific (e.g. technologies, people, other named entities) and abstract (e.g. industries, academic disciplines) concepts for any given text
  • For every identified concept, to intelligently normalise it to the most commonly-accepted term, from multiple potential synonyms

The tagger is modular, so in addition to the broad-scope system, the following areas are given separate, and highly-accurate, attention:

  • STEM
  • Biomed, incl. various pathologies (and, therefore, COVID-19, unlike many of alternative tagging systems)
  • Geographic (place names) - these are then placed in the separate 'Geotags' field
  • Financial, incl. blockchain

More scope areas will be added in the future.

Tagging alone would be great. However, Jotup is all about information discovery, so it was also crucial that our content discovery system could match users and their manually-entered interests with content, tagged by AI. This was successfully achieved. The tagger normalises the terms to their most commonly accepted form using crowdlearning; likewise, when users enter their interests (in form of comma-separated tags) into Newsfeeds, this normalisation then occurs again, this time for the user-entered tags. Both sides of the equation are therefore likely to have identical tags.

Below are some comparisons between the old 3rd party ('Tags' field) and new ('Tags_testing' field) tagging systems:

Various platform updates

Saturday, June 5, 2021
  • Improved notification system so that it doesn't issue 'item updated' messages if the item was created within the last half hour because that's probably the user doing the initial edit after creating it in Outline Designer.
  • Updated notification system so that it shows revision authors rather than original authors in update messages, and actual deleting user rather than original author in deletion messages.
  • Fixed issue with summaries appearing with superfluous characters e.g. \n
  • Fixed 'Content added' messages not being created since mid-May

New feature: Activity feed

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Activity system adds a facebook/twitter/whatever-style newsfeed to the Jotup experience.

It records (more or less) everything that you and those in your group Notebooks did, so you're always in sync with your team and clear about what happened and when.

Because it turns out that parts of this system were already working for years, there's "content added" history going back years.

The feeds are shown as follows:

within Notebooks:

  • Block on the left showing latest happennings:

  • Activity tab which shows full history for the Notebook since inception, in a table view so you can sort by parent item, user etc.:


within your Activity & News view:

  • as a block near the top showing latest activity involving you and your groupmates in all your Notebooks:


Additionally, you may subscribe to be alerted about the same information by email (currently disabled by default) and down the line, via other means like mobile push notifications etc.

Slack and other messenger alerts form a somewhat separate system but will eventually be integrated within the Activity system.

New feature: 👤 Contact

Saturday, May 15, 2021

👤 Contact is the missing link between a 🏢 Lead and 📅 Event - it represents someone within the organisation.

The envisaged workflow is thus: make a Lead and the under it create several Contacts, and under each Contact add Events as they arise.

In a situation where there are several Contacts involved in one Event, either:

  • post the Event under the most significant contact (e.g. the one that's in the From: vs CC: field in the email) and then reference the rest in the 'Participating Contacts' field within the Event
  • post the event directly under the Lead or wherever you'd like (not under any Contact), and then reference all the contacts in the Participating Contacts field

The main Contact as well as any additional participants will be shown in the Pipeline view. Any relationship between Lead (News Source), Contacts, and Events will be visuall shown (by hierarchical offsets, just like Outline Designer).


New Jotup features: Calendar Views, Title field commands block

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Calendar views

There is now a visual calendar display system.

It shows Tasks and Events (these are distinguished from each other by colour - Tasks are green and Events organge-ish as per their icons).

  • Your personal Calendar is accessed by the Calendar tab at the main (top) menu. This shows all your stuff with a date, e.g. tasks with deadlines, Events, etc.

  • Within each notebook, there's also a Calendar tab and that's for everything in that Group. Very handy for visualising what's happenning and when.
  • There's also an Upcoming block in the Notebook sidebar which shows Events and Tasks that are coming due soon:


\\\ title commands block

Notebook sidebar now has a \\\ commands block that explains how to use the \\\ shortcut system to achieve many beautiful things and save lots of time.

There is also a much more detailed page with more explanations that the block links to.

The \\\ commands came about as mostly a timesaving measure due to the present lack of split-pane view, however they will be retained for power users even after it is introduced.

Other minor improvements:

  • Fixed bug in Task system where the wrong user could be sometimes indicated in title
  • 'System load' block modified so it only shows when the load is abnormal
  • Removed 'My' from top user menu

New content type: 📅 Event

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

📅 Event is basically Note, but for anything that's happened (or will happen, whatever) that's got some kind of time element to it.

Event was made because It just sort of felt weird having all those Notes in Sources notebook; Note is more for thoughts/short bits of random info, rather than CRM-style action happennings.

Event also:

  • provides visual distinction within the notes -- you can tell it's something fairly important and with a temporal element
  • interacts with News Source / Lead by appearing within News Source / Lead as a CRM-style action (i.e. Jotup automatically pulls all children of a News Source / Lead and lists them within N.S./Lead
  • Appears within Pipeline view (NB: together with Tasks) so you can tell what's going on a lot better now
  • appears in the calendar system
  • (in future) could be synced with your external calendar



New content type: 🏢 Lead

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

🏢 Lead is basically similar in function to News Source except it is universal and can be used by anyone.

Use it for things like investor / hiring tracking etc.

If a Lead is created within any Notebook, 'Leads Pipeline' tab will appear as one of the tabs. This is basically similar to the Pipeline tab in our Sources group - it enables leads to be viewed/sorted by date, status, etc

Relevance Engine overhaul

Thursday, March 25, 2021

major overhaul of the Relevance Engine - the system that connects the user with relevant content. In addition to ensuring a cap on the number of daily news items sent, it also now watches for this happenning persistently and takes action in 2 ways:

  1. if the number of matching news items during that particular run exceeds the limits for the newsfeed (i.e. it's set as max 5 items per run and it found 10, so top 5 are sent and 5 not sent), it gives you a notice

  2. if this keeps happening over 2 consecutive days, the Relevance Engine will decide that your experience is being impacted and you'll then start getting this message once a day:

Jot/bot: better user control experience

Monday, March 22, 2021

Updated feed creation message

Tag syntax

changed /jotbot limit , /jotbot interval and /jotbot type command syntax so it's the same across commands for better clarity; also updated the help text in /jotbot help and /jotbot intro


Jotup improvements

Tuesday, February 23, 2021
  • Renamed various pages to make more sense in context of the ecosystem (e.g. 'Available Jotup Features -> Features & Subscriptions)
  • added 'Tools' section to Features & Subscriptions

Jot/bot: get tag suggestions from web links

Monday, February 8, 2021

/jotbot analyse [URL] will scan any existing web page and suggest links.

NB: both 'analyse' and 'analyze' spellings work
Additionally, for both /jotbot trending and /jotbot analyse the system now shows what tags the newsfeed is scanning for at the time of being called.
Clicking the tag buttons will append the new tag to the existing tags in the feed; there's also a button to clear everything from the feed so you can start afresh:
this also triggers a message to everyone in the feed.

Jot/bot: better news delivery

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Every hour, news will now arrive into channels all at once rather than as individual news items spaced fractions of a second apart. This eliminates the endless staccato of notification clicks on the hour (Slack will still click, but once per channel rather than for every arriving news item).

System will attempt to put as many news items into 1 message as possible, so that the amount of notifications the user receives when news arrive is dramatically minimised:

  • Items without interactive buttons will be grouped and arrive as 1 message
  • Items with interactive buttons (e.g. AFP news in Jotbot Open Demo) will still arrive as  individual messages
  • Where at the same there are items with and without buttons (e.g.  press releases and AFP news in Jotbot Open Demo arriving into a channel at the same time), news without buttons will be grouped into 1 message and then followed by news with buttons as individual messages. This additionally gives items with buttons more prominence.

The net effect should be a drastic/considerable reduction in notification pings.

Jot/bot: new feed pause command + trending news

Wednesday, January 27, 2021
  • new command: /jotbot pause - lets you halt the feed without deleting it
  • /jotbot stop renamed to /jotbot delete for extra clarity
  • new command: /jotbot trending - shows current trends & lets you set the feed to one of them; the block also automatically displays after creation of a new newsfeed to give the user some ideas
  • 'Subscribe' buttons are now interactive and simulate the subscription process

Jot/bot: Content Ecosystem

Wednesday, January 13, 2021
  • subscription management/overview available via /jotbot subscriptions - this provides an overview of all subscriptions active and/or available
  • buttons/status indication within individual news items. Depending on whether a subscription is active or availble this either gives subscription status or action buttons to gain access either via PAYR or Subscription

Jot/bot: minor improvements

Tuesday, January 12, 2021
  • Improved user permissions system on Slack
  • 'Example recent items' that pops up after setting feed keywords now features image thumbnails
  • Jotbot will now realise when the server is getting busy and will then near-instantly acknowledge any command with either of 'processing, please wait', 'working on it..' or 'one moment'(alternating on a pseudo-random basis). During quieter periods, it will not pre-acknowledge, to keep the screen less cluttered

Major Autumn Platform Upgrade

Thursday, November 26, 2020

👥 Collaborative notebooks:

  • Fixed a bug where users could see group notebooks they weren't members of if there was a content type in said notebook the numerical ID of which matched the numerical ID of the user
  • Renamed from 'groups' and 'books' (both are now called notebooks because they were always the same thing
  • Complete groups + group permissions system overhaul & re-code
  • You can now create, use and delete notebooks in a sane way
  • Properly add/manage/delete users, with 2 base levels of rights:
    • group creator (all rights)
    • administrator user (appointed by creator and has all rights)
    • basic user (all rights except being able to manage members and delete group)

🔧 Back End:

  • 🛡 Permission system:
    • Extensively tested content type permissions to ensure private content isn't visible to the public
    • Normal full users cannot create certain content types (News Source, News)
    • Jotup now removes dangerous HTML tags
  • 🗑 Deletion system:
    • Deleting parent item now also its children (unless deliberately unticked in Outline Designer)
    • Deleting books now removes its content (instead of making it float about Jotup, ownerless)
    • Correct destination + notifications after deletion, instead of being taken to main Jotup home page
  • 📚 Content types:
    • 'File' content now is secure and not accessible to the public
    • 'Book' renamed to 'Notebook' for consistency
    • 'Basic Summ' renamed to 'Note' for clarity & to emphasise its versatility
    • 'Web Summ' renamed to 'Web Page' and also fixed to work with Wikipedia again (NB: will also support Medium again soon)
    • Removed redundant content types from being accessible by users
    • Provided clear descriptions for every content type to help beginner users

💬 Comment system:

  • Extensive overhaul & re-code
  • Comment on any notebook content
  • Comment on the notebook itself (comments act like a chat almost)
  • Comments are now in the sidebar instead of at the bottom
  • Comments can be posted/deleted interactively without having to refresh the page you're on

🖥 Main interface:

  • Spurious/confusing navigation & design elements removed
  • Comments in side tab now
  • Various minor fixes
  • Removed various secondary tabs where they weren't needed (e.g. Child pages for non-notebook content)
  • (temporary) Added a System Load indicator (more speed optimisations are on the way)
  • Navigation Menu fixed & reorganised
  • Overhauled the Notebooks view

📑 Outline Designer:

  • 'Delete' button now works!
  • 'Edit' now loads in same window instead of new tab (this prevents having multiple tabs of the parent Notebook open and slowly going out of sync)
  • Double-clicking item title opens item in new tab instead of switching to Rename mode, so working in outline designer no longer feels like walking in a minefield
  • Works with Comments (see above; major overwrite of both systems)

💾 Versioning/Revisions:

  • Full automatic versioning on all content types except Notebook. That is, every edit gets saved forever and can be reverted, incl. by other team members (all reversions are non-destructive to what they're reverting - that text itself . Considering that we already have collaborative editing of notebook content, every content item on Jotup thus becomes a wiki item.

📣 News & Activities section:

  • Similar to facebook/linkedin Newsfeed (but not called that to avoid confusion with the Newsfeed content type).
  • Intended to be the focal point of Jotup experience down the line
  • Provisionally it just shows all your news from the last day
  • Will eventually all relevant activity on Jotup to you, incl. group activity, news, internal Jotup notices/feature releases, etc.

🗝 Available Jotup Features page:

  • Now available under 'Me' in top level menu
  • Provides comprehensive explanation of different content types and what they do to beginner users
  • Will act as our App Store of premium content / subscriptions going forward
  • Fully automated (tied in to permission system); any change to either the content type or user's permissions will be immediately reflected
  • Automatically links to Available Content Types block in My Notebooks

📝 Text editing:

  • Integrated Jotup with https://ckeditor.com/
  • Every field supporting rich text formatting now has What You See Is What You Get like in GDocs / MSWord
  • The edited content is accurately rendered during editing
  • Real-time collaborative editing & commenting features will be soon available commercially from CKEditor
  • Markdown support added
  • Text Editing hint block during Edit screen to explain text editing options

🔌 Infrastructure:

  • Caching now active on public news pages (and disabled on everything else, so no more long waits for delete to complete)
  • Rearranged wooden sticks that hold the hard drives apart so as to prevent harmful vibrations & improve airflow