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Aneka Jaringan and Samaiden Join Forces to Tap Solar PV Potential in Indonesia

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Tuesday, August 2, 2022 - 9:00am

Chow Pui Hee [L-R]

Key Points: 
  • Chow Pui Hee [L-R]
    This JV provides Samaiden access to the Indonesian market and allows Aneka Jaringan which already has a presence in Indonesia via its subsidiary, PT Aneka Jaringan Indonesia, to add to its value chain in a fast-growing segment.
  • Aneka Jaringan together with its subsidiary, PT Aneka and Samaiden will hold 45% and 50% stake respectively in the JV company.
  • "Indonesia presents great potential in an area of Samaiden's expertise - RE, in particular solar PV systems.
  • Its subsidiary, PT Aneka, based in Jakarta, is the first regional office of Aneka Jaringan Group, and has proven steadfast growth since its establishment in 2014.