Diving into the Third Order in Simulacra From Jean Baudrillard to the first Global NFT Cryptoart Exhibition by CryptoArt.Ai in Shanghai

Thursday, June 10, 2021 - 6:01pm

Feng Han - "When Nothing surfaces in signs, when Nothingness emerges at the very heart of the sign system, that is the fundamental event of art. The poetic operation is to make Nothingness rises from the power of signs - not banality or indifference towards reality but radical illusion." ---- The Conspiracy of Art, 1996, Jean Baudrillard

Key Points: 
  • The Kepler telescope has travelled in the universe for 9.6 years, discovered 2,662 planets, recorded 61 supernovas, observed 530,506 stars.
  • When Ouchhh reorganise and reconfigured the data and applied artificial intelligence to run it, they achieved this artwork.
  • The 'translation' is realised by machine learning, and presented a simulated universe trapped inside of a cube.
  • People's organism bodies are still living in the real world, but in the society consists of 'bodies', everything turned into simulacra.