Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Introducing JotAPI, a powerful API solution that integrates with your systems, enhancing information management and knowledge discovery. Seamlessly customize news content, summarization, tagging, and sensemaking options.

Key Jotup Features via API:

Feature Description
Extractor-summarizer Generates summaries and insights
Newsfeed system Monitors, summarizes, extracts metadata from news items
Access to Jotup data Provides corporate information on numerous active organizations

Main Functionalities:

Category Features
Basic Newsfeed Controls start, poll, status, pause, resume, delete Newsfeed
Adjust Newsfeed Parameters Tags (any/focused), set Content Types, set Items Limit
Analysis Tools get Trending Tags, get Content Types, get Tag info, analyze URL, search News Items, summarize web page, analyze organization

Content Types:

Content Type Fields
News Item Title, Author, Type, Provider, Key Points, etc.
Web Summary Title, Author, Type, Key Points, URL, Image, etc.
Organisation Name, Image, Organisation profile tag, Website, etc.

Taxonomy Term Values (Tags):

Tag Type Description
Content Tags Organize information on any subject
Locations Provide accurate geolocation for content items
Organisations Identifyand overview various entities
Stock Symbols Provide a database of ticker symbols for publicly-traded stocks

For more information or to find out how JotAPI can work for you, please visit the main JotAPI page or contact us.