Commercial taxonomies overhaul

Friday, April 21, 2023

The Organisation and Stock Symbol tag taxonomies have been completely overhauled to reflect information on every notable organisation active within the last 2-3 years, globally. The includes many SMEs and NGOs.

The Organisations tag taxonomy currently contains approximately 391,000 organisations.

The Stock Symbols tag taxonomy currently contains approximately 29,000 stock symbols.

Now with an accuracy of 99.8%, Jotup automatically discovers and lists the following commercial data about every organisation:

existing data, with improved accuracy:

  • name
    • fixed name capitalisation issues by making all organisation names in uppercase
    • fixed international spelling issues by enforcing UTF-8 use & generating synonym names with approved spelling conversions to English
    • always a version of the name free of all commercial designators (e.g. 'Ltd.')
  • description
    • major improvements in how Jotup picks up descriptions from organisation publicity material
    • fixed encoding errors occasionally present within descriptions
    • Jotup now always picks the best company description when there are several to choose from
  • address
  • tags (from the Content Tags taxonomy) indicating the nature of the organisation's business at a glance
    • tags are now generated from metasummaries of news and are very accurate
  • current stock prices
  • historical stock prices
  • financials, e.g. profit/loss and major ratios
  • related organisations

new data:

  • stock symbols (from the Stock Symbols taxonomy)
    • Jotup currently automatically saves symbols from all major US exchanges, with other stock symbols established during page rendering via 3rd party APIs
    • where possible, exchange names and tickers are normalised to a common format
  • any alternate / dba names that the organisation might be using alongside any sibling organisations
  • parent organisations
  • subsidiary organisations
  • locations (from the Locations taxonomy) the organisation is active in

The comprehensive update to Jotup's tag taxonomies marks a significant milestone in providing accurate, accessible, and detailed information on a diverse range of global organisations. This advancement not only demonstrates Jotup's commitment to staying up-to-date with the ever-evolving business landscape but also solidifies its position as a vital tool for professionals and researchers who rely on accurate and reliable data.