Organisations taxonomy

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Jotup now automatically detects any organisations featured within News content. These are then added as special Organisations tags within summaries:

Jotup detects of commercial, governmental, non-profit and other entities, as well as certain stand-alone projects, e.g. scientific collaborations.

Each organisation features an overview page with:

  • organisation description and metadata
  • tags associated with the organisation
  • content featuring the organisation
  • other related/similar organisations

Depending on organisation type and user choices, additional premium information from 3rd party providers can also be shown:

  • Company details
  • Live stock information and quotes
  • Financials, e.g. profit/loss and major ratios

This display is automatically extendable. Jotup can show additional data/information depending on user requirements; for example, ownership or credit ratings.

Organisations can be discovered via links within content e.g. Leads or News items, through 'Related Organisations' blocks, or by searching for them within Organisations tab in the 'Search & Explore' page.

The data featured in the overview can be saved in several ways:

  • as a Lead, adding it to Notebook directly via a 'Save as Lead' block
  • through the 'Raw data' block, as a CSV format file, supported by majority of business software (e.g. Excel). Jotup will always have the latest copy of this data
  • additionally one can save individual news items