Major Winter/Spring update

Thursday, May 12, 2022

⚡ AI

  • Entire new Organisations taxonomy and associated blocks/pages
  • Improvements to the Location tagging system - now it works on all news items and augments the locations supplied by news provider
  • Metadata extractor for  Lead / Contact content types

🔎 Search & discovery

  • Completely overhauled the existing news suggestion algorithms, improving their accuracy
  • Fast and accurate autocomplete functionality for all Jotup tag fields
  • 'Search & Explore' page added with following tabs:
    • 'News & Research' - explore the ~2m publically-available news items, including almost all English-language corporate news, as well as regulatory information etc. This mirrors the Newsfeed content type, except that it is designed for immediate news lookup. It's possible to instantly save any search as a Newsfeed in any Notebook through the 'Save as Newsfeed' block.
    • 'Tags' - find & explore 2m+ content tags and associated public content summarised by Jotup
    • 'My Stuff' - search through content from the notebooks that you're a member of

📣 News

  • Individual news items are now save-able as editable News Copy content type, from either the news item view or from within the Newsfeed
  • Various improvements to the 'Activity & News' page
  • Newsfeeds:
    • More intuitive UI
    • New 'Tag suggester' block to help the user find the most accurate tags/tag combinations for a given subject
    • Added 'Related tags' block, which shows related tags for further exploration
    • 📰 News items can now be saved / starred (as well as deleted/un-starred) directly within the Newsfeed.
    • It is now possible to control whether to monitor own  News Sources

📑 Outline Designer

  • Improved stability
  • More intuitive menu function
  • Improved drag logic
  • Tasks show status directly in outline
  • Topics are now shown in bold to increase outline legibility/clarity

🖥️ UI

  • Fonts now more legible
  • Various minor improvements
  • Metasummary views for Notebooks, Leads and  Newsfeeds
  • 'Frequency' blocks for 📰 News and Organisations pages, displaying time trends (as bar charts) for summarised content