New feature: Activity feed

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Activity system adds a facebook/twitter/whatever-style newsfeed to the Jotup experience.

It records (more or less) everything that you and those in your group Notebooks did, so you're always in sync with your team and clear about what happened and when.

Because it turns out that parts of this system were already working for years, there's "content added" history going back years.

The feeds are shown as follows:

within Notebooks:

  • Block on the left showing latest happennings:

  • Activity tab which shows full history for the Notebook since inception, in a table view so you can sort by parent item, user etc.:


within your Activity & News view:

  • as a block near the top showing latest activity involving you and your groupmates in all your Notebooks:


Additionally, you may subscribe to be alerted about the same information by email (currently disabled by default) and down the line, via other means like mobile push notifications etc.

Slack and other messenger alerts form a somewhat separate system but will eventually be integrated within the Activity system.