New feature: 👤 Contact

Saturday, May 15, 2021

👤 Contact is the missing link between a 🏢 Lead and 📅 Event - it represents someone within the organisation.

The envisaged workflow is thus: make a Lead and the under it create several Contacts, and under each Contact add Events as they arise.

In a situation where there are several Contacts involved in one Event, either:

  • post the Event under the most significant contact (e.g. the one that's in the From: vs CC: field in the email) and then reference the rest in the 'Participating Contacts' field within the Event
  • post the event directly under the Lead or wherever you'd like (not under any Contact), and then reference all the contacts in the Participating Contacts field

The main Contact as well as any additional participants will be shown in the Pipeline view. Any relationship between Lead (News Source), Contacts, and Events will be visuall shown (by hierarchical offsets, just like Outline Designer).