Major Autumn Platform Upgrade

Thursday, November 26, 2020

👥 Collaborative notebooks:

  • Fixed a bug where users could see group notebooks they weren't members of if there was a content type in said notebook the numerical ID of which matched the numerical ID of the user
  • Renamed from 'groups' and 'books' (both are now called notebooks because they were always the same thing
  • Complete groups + group permissions system overhaul & re-code
  • You can now create, use and delete notebooks in a sane way
  • Properly add/manage/delete users, with 2 base levels of rights:
    • group creator (all rights)
    • administrator user (appointed by creator and has all rights)
    • basic user (all rights except being able to manage members and delete group)

🔧 Back End:

  • 🛡 Permission system:
    • Extensively tested content type permissions to ensure private content isn't visible to the public
    • Normal full users cannot create certain content types (News Source, News)
    • Jotup now removes dangerous HTML tags
  • 🗑 Deletion system:
    • Deleting parent item now also its children (unless deliberately unticked in Outline Designer)
    • Deleting books now removes its content (instead of making it float about Jotup, ownerless)
    • Correct destination + notifications after deletion, instead of being taken to main Jotup home page
  • 📚 Content types:
    • 'File' content now is secure and not accessible to the public
    • 'Book' renamed to 'Notebook' for consistency
    • 'Basic Summ' renamed to 'Note' for clarity & to emphasise its versatility
    • 'Web Summ' renamed to 'Web Page' and also fixed to work with Wikipedia again (NB: will also support Medium again soon)
    • Removed redundant content types from being accessible by users
    • Provided clear descriptions for every content type to help beginner users

💬 Comment system:

  • Extensive overhaul & re-code
  • Comment on any notebook content
  • Comment on the notebook itself (comments act like a chat almost)
  • Comments are now in the sidebar instead of at the bottom
  • Comments can be posted/deleted interactively without having to refresh the page you're on

🖥 Main interface:

  • Spurious/confusing navigation & design elements removed
  • Comments in side tab now
  • Various minor fixes
  • Removed various secondary tabs where they weren't needed (e.g. Child pages for non-notebook content)
  • (temporary) Added a System Load indicator (more speed optimisations are on the way)
  • Navigation Menu fixed & reorganised
  • Overhauled the Notebooks view

📑 Outline Designer:

  • 'Delete' button now works!
  • 'Edit' now loads in same window instead of new tab (this prevents having multiple tabs of the parent Notebook open and slowly going out of sync)
  • Double-clicking item title opens item in new tab instead of switching to Rename mode, so working in outline designer no longer feels like walking in a minefield
  • Works with Comments (see above; major overwrite of both systems)

💾 Versioning/Revisions:

  • Full automatic versioning on all content types except Notebook. That is, every edit gets saved forever and can be reverted, incl. by other team members (all reversions are non-destructive to what they're reverting - that text itself . Considering that we already have collaborative editing of notebook content, every content item on Jotup thus becomes a wiki item.

📣 News & Activities section:

  • Similar to facebook/linkedin Newsfeed (but not called that to avoid confusion with the Newsfeed content type).
  • Intended to be the focal point of Jotup experience down the line
  • Provisionally it just shows all your news from the last day
  • Will eventually all relevant activity on Jotup to you, incl. group activity, news, internal Jotup notices/feature releases, etc.

🗝 Available Jotup Features page:

  • Now available under 'Me' in top level menu
  • Provides comprehensive explanation of different content types and what they do to beginner users
  • Will act as our App Store of premium content / subscriptions going forward
  • Fully automated (tied in to permission system); any change to either the content type or user's permissions will be immediately reflected
  • Automatically links to Available Content Types block in My Notebooks

📝 Text editing:

  • Integrated Jotup with
  • Every field supporting rich text formatting now has What You See Is What You Get like in GDocs / MSWord
  • The edited content is accurately rendered during editing
  • Real-time collaborative editing & commenting features will be soon available commercially from CKEditor
  • Markdown support added
  • Text Editing hint block during Edit screen to explain text editing options

🔌 Infrastructure:

  • Caching now active on public news pages (and disabled on everything else, so no more long waits for delete to complete)
  • Rearranged wooden sticks that hold the hard drives apart so as to prevent harmful vibrations & improve airflow