Information overload: solved

Jotup is a platform for handling complex knowledge

Information is growing exponentially, but our ways of organising and working through it are still stuck in the manual, paper era.

Jotup makes information more digestible, providing instant insight and letting you concentrate on the bigger picture.


Jotup automatically summarises and notes down the key points of any document or resource, suggesting further reading, accurate citiations, meta information and more.

Hierarchical Ordering

On Jotup you can visually organise and structure your information the way you understand it, which makes large amounts of information much more digestible.


Share information and thoughts, build knowledge outlines, track tasks and progress, and communicate - all in real time, wherever you are.

Student & Academic

  • Automatic academic paper summarisation, citations and further reading suggestions. Work and revise from wherever you are, alone or as a group. Organise your revision in clear hierarchical outlines.


  • Instantly summarise and get insight into a wide variety of documents, web sources and other content. Create content as distributed team, with integrated task tracking system & reminders.