Arseni Gladkov


My background is social sciences and tech — and I'm endlessly interested in how they interact. The paper-based paradigms of yesteryear are now fading. Yet, with growing digitalisation of our knowledge, how we interact with information — and how information interacts with us — is by no means a settled matter. In fact, since the time of my graduation, it seems that the debate has only grown.


My interests lie in streamlining how we analyse and organise complex information via better UX and AI. We've hence built Jotup, a platform for handling complex knowledge, as well as Jotbot, the chatbot spin-off of Jotup’s summariser backend.


By all means feel free to drop me a line:





London School of Economics and Political Science

MSc (with Distinction) Management, Information Systems and Innovation

A rigorous, qualitative, inter-disciplinary study integrating established knowledge of the development and management of information systems with the critical study of emerging domains of technological innovation.

London, UK


Loughborough University

2:1 BSc (Hons) International Business

Quantitative & qualitative course focused on the links between major business functions and their role in the international business context.

Loughborough, UK



Most tools / technologies below either make up Jotup (and hence represent things I work with every day) or are otherwise somehow familiar enough for me to claim proficiency:



PHP, Python, Bash, HTML, NewsML, RSS, CSS, LESS, Basic (VBA, Visual & various vintage flavours), SQL


LAMP administration at CompTIA Linux+ level, SSL, all matters email

Systems / Platforms

OSs: Linux (especially Ubuntu / Debian), FreeBSD, Mac OS, Windows
Chatbots (thus far): Slack, Facebook, Telegram

Design / IDE


UML, vim

Content & Knowledge Management

Drupal, Wordpress, Moodle

Natural Language Processing

IBM Watson, OpenCalais, Solr, emergent document text extraction and text summarisation technologies, diverse information ecosystems and their interlinking via APIs and other means